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When creating an aggregated report, Amazon checks that the report setup is valid. If the setup is invalid, you will receive an error message and the report will not be saved.

Amazon validates report setup according to these criteria:


Note: You need Amazon Ad Server (AAS) credentials to access links in this article.

  • Valid Dimension-Metric Combinations: This file contains valid relationships between metrics and dimensions that you can select for your report.

  • Period Breakdown: Depending on the granularity of the report (dimensions and time resolution selected for the report), the amount of data that is included in a report is limited by the number of days in a date range. If the report setup contains only the attributes of these dimensions, the amount of data that is included in the report is limited according to the period breakdown.

  • Time Zone: You can generate AAS aggregated reports in flexible time zones. The default time zone is the account time zone; however, if you need to generate a report in a different time zone, you can select the relevant option from the list.


    Note: You can only set a time zone for data within the last three months. For data that is older than three months, the reports are available in the customer time zone only.

  • Unique: Specific validations for reports with unique metrics. Unique metrics measure the number of distinct cookies to which an ad was served or that interacted with an ad.

  • Reports with Multiple Accounts: When the report scope includes multiple accounts, AAS verifies that requested accounts are extended/related to a context account and the requester has data ownership for requested accounts.

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