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This article describes a recommended method for generating an ad-hoc and scheduled report request.

Follow this procedure to streamline report generation:

  1. Generate a report using the Save and Execute command.

    • Sandbox: POST

    • Production: POST

  2. Use the Analytics Reporting feature in Amazon Ad Server (AAS) to generate the body of the report in JSON. (For more information, see Generate an Aggregated Report and About Analytics Reporting. (Note that you need AAS credentials to access this article.)

  3. Scroll to the API Object. This object contains a JSON report request according to your report selections.

    The following is an example of the API generated by the Analytics Reporting feature for an ad-hoc report:

  4. Copy the report request into your API execution tool and create the report.

  5. While an ad-hoc report runs, you can use the execution ID to check its status. Continue to check until the status is Finished.

    • Sandbox: GET{executionId}

    • Production: GET{executionID}


    Important: Do not run this request more than once per minute.

  6. When the status is Finished, you can download the report from the URL in the response.

For a scheduled report you must define the schedule when the report should run.

  • Sandbox: POST

  • Production: POST

The following is an example of the API generated by the Analytics Reporting feature for a scheduled report:

If you do not want to use the generate tool, you can create your own report request following the structure outline and fields described in Report Object.

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