API developers use the Amazon Ad Server (AAS) reporting API to create and execute reports programmatically. Reporting API methods allow you to define the report criteria.

  • The reporting API is an asynchronous RESTful request; you receive a response message, but do not receive the actual report directly.

  • The AAS reporting API runs on Amazon Ad Server (AAS).

  • Report output structure is determined dynamically by users and according to specific validations.


Note: Only aggregate report builder entries can be generated from the API. Path to conversion and raw data feeds are not generated.

Report API workflow

Step 1: Create a JSON report request. Click here for a comprehensive example of JSON code.

Step 2: Submit the report request.

Step 3: Review the report in your email, URL link (as an immediate response), or SFTP site.

For an example of a complete workflow, see Recommended Report Creation Workflow. This workflow is specifically recommended for API programmers who are new to AAS or programmers who want to streamline API report generation.

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