The Sizmek API supports sorting, ordering, and searching operations.


In your API request, you can append sort=[field name], where field name is a valid parameter returned in the JSON response of your GET request (defined currently as sortable). On sort request based on a field name non sortable - response will be returned in the default order.


By default, the API response is ascending. To control the response order, append order=[order type] (ASC or DESC) when the sort field is specified in the API request.


In your API request, append q=[search string] to get a response that only includes objects in which the search string is included in at least one of the fields returned in the JSON response.

Search structure enables using AND/OR operators functionality in your queries.

The following example is equivalent to the query search for (((name1 || name2) || (id1 || id2)) && (accountId3)).{"1":{"NAME":["account_one", "account_two"],"ID":["1151","1234"]},"2":{"ACCOUNTID":[5155]}}

Each entity has a specific list of fields that are searchable in API requests. For more information, see the related resource article.

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