The Sizmek Ad Suite (SAS) API enables clients and partners to integrate with SAS and data in their own independently built applications. The API provides programmatic access and control to advertising accounts so partners can create campaigns, manage and traffic ads, and retrieve analytics and reporting data.

Making API Requests

SAS API provides RESTful API access over an HTTPS connection. SAS does not redirect requests to HTTP. You can make all Sizmek API requests through the base URL:


Keep in mind the following points when making API requests:

  • All SAS entities and responses are available in JSON format only.

  • All API-related identifiers and parameters are strings with UTF-8 encoding.

  • Requests return informative error messages based on HTTP standards. For more information, see API Validation Error Messages.

  • You cannot exceed 10 simultaneous, active, API sessions with the same user ID.

  • API parameters are case-sensitive.

Setting Up Your Account

Requests to the SAS API are protected by basic authentication. You use a specific API username and password to get an access token for API requests.

API environments include the following:

  • Sandbox API: It is recommended to use this environment to perform tests before going live.

  • Production API: Use this environment once testing is complete.

  1. Contact your SAS client services manager, and request an API user under your existing account.

  2. You should receive an email message that includes a username and password for the sandbox environment. Use these credentials to perform tests, for example, start to test endpoints by calling specific API methods.

    Make sure that you include your API key in each call. For more information about authentication, see Authentication. The login URL to this environment is:


    Important: You cannot use your API credentials to log into SAS. These credentials are used exclusively for submitting API requests.

  3. Once testing is complete, you can request a username and password to access the production environment.

  4. Use the assigned API username and password to log in to the production environment and generate a Sizmek session token. The login URL to this environment is:


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