Amazon Ad Server will be sunset in Q4 2024, please visit this page (AAS offboarding information) for offboarding support resources and sunset FAQs. Details shared on that page represent the most up to date information in the Help Center, if you find disparate information in other resources please default to the information in the AAS offboarding information page accordingly.

Please note that on October 1, 2024, the ability to create new campaigns, placements, and tag managers will be disabled.


Resource URL for the verification API is: '

HTTP Method and URI request

POST /workflowexecutions Create and run a SQL Query
GET /workflowexecutions/{workflowExecutionId} Check status of a running SQL Query
GET /workflowexecutions/{workflowExecutionId}/downloadUrls provides the Download URL for the results generated

‘workflowexecutions’ end point parameters are provided here

Header Key Parameters
Parameter Name Parameter Description
api-key* AAS API Key
Authorization* Session Authorisation key. Refer to existing API user guide (
amazon-advertising-advertiser-id* AAS Advertiser-id
Body Parameters
Parameter Name Parameter Description
timeWindow image.png
workflow* image (1).png
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